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Hair Bulk.

Hair Bulk - E-Hair

These are perfectly combed tails with full ends. The hair is soft, the structure is varied to choose from straight to deep wave.

All the roots of the hair are laid out in an impeccable smooth line (over tight soft card).
The length of the tails is measured with a margin of 3-4 cm.
Each cut is washed manually before selling to demonstrate its natural structure.
The hair is not specially ironed, without silicone coating and any kind of scrubbing chemistry. Guaranteed lack of inversions.

Especially important in the sections is the quality and color of blondes. Acquiring clarified sections, masters, often encounter poor quality hair after washing. Hair is pushed and easily torn. Become dull, like “bast”. This is a sign that the hair is burned during staining.

The burnt hair looks dull, ribbed, and untidy on the customer’s head. The need to constantly lay them and iron them iron leads to breakdown of the hair and to a severe deterioration of their appearance.

The palette of possible colors for ordering includes all the basic shades, furnished colors, ombré and crazy. To order shades of ombre, you need to specify the root color number and color number of the ends in the basic palette E-Hair

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