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Care of Your Hair Extensions on Holiday.

Jetting off to party islands or getting whisked away to romantic beaches? Sounds like the perfect summer to me! Beautiful locations, wonderful weather and gorgeous bikinis, but let’s not forget one of the most important things… our hair of course! The main accessory to our beach look, long and flowy natural looking tresses, are an essential.

Now, as hard as it is to care for your natural hair before going to the beach or even getting into a pool, it is so much harder to care for your natural hair weave or clip in hair extensions. In general, you are advised against wearing your clip in extensions in either of these cases, whereas E-Hair hair weaves can still be worn if taken good care of. However, read on to find out how you can wear both and look even more gorgeous.

The best and easiest way to keep your hair away from direct contact with sunlight is to wear a hat, scarf or a cap. This ensures that your weave is covered from the sun and is protected against harsh winds that cause breakage. Apart from this, if you are planning to go for a swim, it is beneficial to wear a wig cap, underneath your swimming cap, to hold your weave in place.

Lastly and most importantly, sun protection. Just like your skin, your hair extensions too require protection against UV rays in order to stay healthy and last longer. I suggest you invest in a shampoo and conditioner containing SPF in it. Post this, you should also apply a leave-in moisturizing conditioner, also with SPF which protects your hair all day.

I hope this blog was helpful to all those worried about taking care of their weaves and extensions, when on holiday. Now get going and shop our E-Hair hair weaves and clip in extensions to get that flawless vacay look!

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