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Single Drawn Hair - What is single drawn hair? - Why does single drawn hair become the popular choice?.

I. What is Single Drawn Hair?

Single drawn hair has been on the list of beauty junkies as a must-have item, so what kind of single drawn hair born for you ?

Single Drawn Hair - Double Drawn Hair - Super Double Drawn Hair  are 3 hot keywords of beauty junkies community for a long time but what are the differences between them? Let’s start with single drawn hair !

Single drawn hair supplied by E-Hair Company is collected and sorted out carefully from VietNam women nationwide with high-class quality that means intact cuticle, natural colour and texture, strong, soft and silky fibres. Single drawn hair is a combination of both short and long hair in 1 bundle so the density is not the same, the more it comes to the tip, the thinner bundle is. E-Hair offers single drawn hair in weft or bulk with a lot of texture and styles to satisfy your various demand. Let’s stay with us to discover the merits of single drawn hair!

II. Why does single drawn hair become the popular choice?

Besides double drawn hair, single drawn hair is one of secret weapon of women to achieve luscious appearance.

1. First, when the volume doesn’t matter, single drawn hair will be the best choice of women to glamour appearance due to the instinctive look. The soft finish of single drawn hair will naturalize your hair extension, the different density of single drawn hair help the hair extension can blend with your real hair layer with ease. If you want to increase your length of hair, single drawn hair will bring the lifelike look and seamless extension.

2. Second, in spite of tapering off towards the end, single drawn hair can possibly thicken your hair when you apply layer by layer.

3. Third, single drawn hair always more economical than double drawn hair not because of lower quality but a less painstaking process of collecting and sorting out. Moreover, single drawn hair is also available so you can buy anytime without out of stock. Thus, if saving money is your first requirement, single drawn hair should be on your cart now.

And if natural look becomes your priority, Vietnamese " Single Drawn Hair " will be the best choice. Our company offer the array of textures, colors and sizes that can perfectly satisfy your wishes. Especially, Vietnamese single drawn hair from E-Hair always in fabulous texture, tangle-free, no shedding, modern styles, any length will be the best choice of hair extension purchasing. You can wash, comb, style or glide your finger along hair without damaging your biollogical hair and let your own hair grow naturally.

Cheaper price, best quality, natural look, easy preservation that what make single drawn human hair become so popular with all hair extention fans worldwide. Single drawn hair is very suitable for everyday makeup, school or office or even party when combining with other types of hair extensions. You can make fun with bun, braids and ponytails as you want from single drawn hair. And you can buy hair online through Whatsapp +84967888216 or Fanpage E Hair


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