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Double Drawn Hair - What is double drawn hair? - Why does double drawn hair become the popular choice?.

I. What is Double Drawn Hair?

Double drawn hair by E-Hair Company was picked out strand by strand strenuously to produce the bundles being in the same length that thick from top to tip evenly. The texture of this product is exactly the same, no layers, no shorter hair from either side. Especially, this product by E-Hair  is authentically collected from Vietnamese women that have strong yet soft fibres, natural black or dark brown colour, minimal degradation, intact cuticle. Furthermore, this product from E-Hair are in weft or bulk with many modern styles like wavy, curl, or straight. Let’s stay with us to discover benefits of this product!

2. Why does double drawn hair become a popular choice?
Besides single drawn hair, double drawn hair is one of the must-have items that every beauty junkie is hunting. The main reason is it serves a voluminous look for wearers. Thanks to the uniform thickness, wearers enjoy healthier and fuller look with ease. The full-bodied hair can brighten up your display immediately, so there should be no hesitation to own a bundle for yourselves. Moreover, the even density of them can thicken your hair seamlessly. If the volume is in your priority, they will be the best choice.
The second reason is a glamorous look that them serves. While single drawn hair supports a natural look, they boosts up a glamour look. Let’s think about a floating, shining, strong and thick from top to tip hair that can enjoyably style with zero damage to the hair of owners! It isn’t just hair, it’s a fantastic experience to upgrade yourselves and you really worth it!
You are finding a trustful double drawn hair? Our E-Hair is very honoured to serve to lighten up your appearance! With Vietnamese double drawn high – class quality, E-Hair is always ready to support your shine! Especially, Vietnam Double Drawn Hair from E-Hair is in the same length, same texture, same direction, no tangle, no shedding, easy preservation. Because of dark brown or black colour of hair, bleaching is necessary to versatile the hair extensions with dying more different colour but Vietnamese Double Drawn Hair with durable fibres strong enough for you to apply chemicals or bleach. Since being made of 100% human hair, the preservation is quite the
same as your real hair. Double Drawn Hair may be more expensive than single drawn hair but it worthy. That high-end quality with reasonable price derive any reasons for you to hesitate to buy.
Let us make you get swayed with magical transformation of double drawn hair through Whatsapp +84967888216 or Fanpage for more information!

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